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101 Motivation Blogs to Help You Be Your Best Self

Everyone dreams of living a happy and successful life, but not all are able to achieve it. It requires mastery of oneself, motivation to reach greater heights, and maximum utilization of one’s potential. 

It may sound easy but it’s not. You need an expert to direct you in the right direction, and inspiration to keep you moving ahead despite the setbacks. Here is a roundup of some of the best motivation blogs to provide you with that extra push.


The website is a great resource for entrepreneurs, both established and aspiring. Besides helping business owners stay informed on the latest trends, the inspiration section contains guidance and tips from experts. These experts have experienced success, and are able to help struggling business owners stay motivated and focused.


Leon Ho is the founder of Lifehack. He uses the site to help people overcome their struggles and obtain positive sustainable change through practical and easy solutions. Find insight and guidance from experts on issues such as boosting productivity, being a great parent, better money management among others.

Mark Manson 

Mark Manson, uses his blog to offer motivation and inspiration on excelling through the various stages in life. Visit this blog for help on excelling in your love life and guidance to making the right life’s choices.

Tiny Buddha 

Run by Lori Deschene, Tiny Buddha is about making life better by applying simple wisdom and strategies. The articles cover topics on letting go, mindfulness, minimalism, finding work fulfillment, embracing change and many more. 


Written by Dr. Jeremy Dean, Psyblog specializes in the mind and how it works. Follow the blog and get research-based articles on topics such as improving mental health, controlling your thoughts, and fighting depression.


The Success community believes in empowering its readers to control their destiny. It provides inspiration and motivation designed for entrepreneurs, covers topics on personal development, well-being and developing smart and motivational habits.

Zen Habits 

We live in a chaotic world. Developing healthy habits can help you always be your authentic self and focus on the important things in life. Zen Habits guides you into increasing productivity by focusing on the important tasks, beating procrastination, practicing mindfulness and much more.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

For witty science-based tips and advice on being awesome in life, follow this blog by Eric Barker.  He publishes articles such as rituals to make you happy, build good habits, how to be persuasive, and ways to be mentally strong.  

Tony Robbins 

Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur, author, and top business strategist. He’s impacted the lives of top entertainers and athletes such as Usher and Serena Williams. The blog is a great source to improve your quality of life and achieve extraordinary success through Tony Robbins’ motivational lessons. 

Brian Tracy International 

Brian Tracy is your key to achieving personal and business success. He is the brains behind the successful learning program Psychology of Achievement. He covers topics such as self-fulfillment, attracting your business prospects, and traits to develop skills to be a great leader.

Michael Hyatt 

Having discovered the power of focusing on the most important goals and priorities, Michael Hyatt is living his best life. He is experiencing the best of health, despite being in his sixties. He uses his website to help others achieve the same in addition to dealing with other life issues such as handling failure. 

Gretchen Rubin 

Gretchen Rubin has written books such as The Happiness Project. She is constantly exploring ways people can make their lives better. She shares her wisdom using her blog posts which cover topics such as habits, relationships, and mindfulness. She is also a great advocate of finding reasons why you should pay attention to achieving happiness.

James Clear

James Clear, author of Atomic Habits and The Clear Habit Journal uses this website to help people live better lives. He analyzes the stories of top performers in different fields such as top athletes, and deduces principles that can help be your best self.

Marc and Angel Hack Life 

Marc and Angel started this blog during a low time in their life. They learned how to cope with negative emotions. They have also been offering practical and effective strategies to their readers to help them think, feel, and live better. 

Pick the Brain 

The blog run by Erin Falconer uses a broad approach to self-improvement. By covering topics such as a philosophical approach to life’s issues, and self-education Falconer helps people live more satisfying and prosperous lives.

I Will Teach You to be Rich 

Ramit Sethi is an expert in helping people use psychology and systems to become prosperous. You can find guidance on freelancing and hustling. He also teaches how to build a great career, and handle your finances, personal development, and of course – how to get rich.

James Altucher 

James Altucher is the author of Choose Yourself. His blog contains great articles to inspire you, and help you achieve happiness. He also covers some controversial thoughts on everyday issues that will have you thinking outside the box. His inspirational podcasts where he interviews some of the world’s top performers are also worth listening to.

Steve Pavlina 

Steve is dedicated to helping people achieve growth through his articles, audios, and videos. He carries out research, explores, and experiments with ideas before sharing them on the blog to ensure that they help people achieve progress in life. 

Penelope Trunk 

Penelope Trunk, a writer, has a lot to say about productivity. She has written numerous blog posts such as habit creation, goal setting, time management, and decision making. For career inspiration and motivation, follow this blog.

Science of People 

The Science of People studies people’s behavior, identifies what makes them tick and uses this information to help the readers be the best version of themselves. The blog contains articles that can help you build your confidence, increase your capabilities, and achieve career success.

Derek Sivers Blog 

The blog may be plain but is a great resource to help you improve on yourself and succeed in life. Being a minimalist, Derek will not waste your time with complex ideas. His articles are simple, interesting and straight to the point. 

Dumb Little Man 

Started in 2006, the blog covers a diverse range of topics to help you lead a fulfilled, well-rounded life. It covers issues on relationships, working smart to achieve success, happiness in life, and money matters.

Addicted to Success

The blog focuses on helping leaders, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and anyone trying to make a difference in their lives. You achieve success by reading inspirational articles, podcasts, videos, and motivational quotes from renowned figures.

Rich Dad 

The blog is run by Robert Kiyosaki and Kim Kiyosaki. It specializes in offering inspiration to empower readers and help them achieve financial success. The articles are diverse covering topics such as debt, investments, entrepreneurship and financial freedom. 

Be More with Less 

Be More with Less by Courtney Carver is a blog that encourages its readers to embrace simplicity. She encourages one to live a better life filled with the most important things such as love. She will show you how to live a minimalist life and declutter your life.

Dr. Wayne Dyer 

Dr. Wayne Dyer did not have a comfortable childhood, but he lives his dreams now. He is an expert in self-development and spiritual growth. He helps people through his blog to be true to themselves and lead extraordinary lives. You can also find daily inspiration, videos, and numerous other inspirational resources in the website.

A Life of Productivity 

Chris, who is the founder of A Life of Productivity, specializes in the subject of productivity. He does extensive research on the subject, carries out experiments and posts his findings in his blog. Chris covers topics such as time management and building deeper focus. 

Marie Forleo 

A writer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Marie Forleo will hold your hand in your journey to transforming your life; you can become who you desire to be. She interviews some of the most prominent figures, who share proven strategies, habits, and actions you can take to be a top achiever.

Danielle Laporte 

Danielle Laporte uses a beautiful poetic approach to inspiration. She motivates people to improve their lives, achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness, and just live the best life.

Time Management Ninja 

Here you will find top-notch articles from Craig Jarrow on time-management, achieving productivity, goal setting and other issues holding you back from a life of success.

Positivity Blog 

The Positivity Blog by Henrik Edberg is designed for those seeking practical strategies that result in positive results. It will help you develop confidence, develop a productive lifestyle, sharpen your social skills, and be happier and more fulfilled in life.

Ryan Holiday 

Author of The Obstacle Is the Way, Ryan Holiday is a passionate writer. He addresses topics such as anger management, success, self-criticism and self-awareness, stoic living, general guidance on being your best self among other topics.

Quote Garden 

You should never underestimate the power of well-expressed wisdom which comes in the form of  inspirational quotes. Quote Garden is your ultimate source of thought-provoking and motivational quotes on any topic. 

Jack Canfield 

Jack Canfield is an expert at helping people maximize their potential and achieve success. His articles are what you need to create, act on, and achieve your goals. He will show you how to embrace and make changes to your life to win at life.

Personal Excellence 

Celestine Chua is passionate about helping people live to their full potential. Her blog, Personal Excellence, contains numerous quality articles, podcasts, and videos on attaining excellence. It covers topics such as conscious living, emotional mastery, confidence, productivity, just to name a few.

Louise Hay 

Author of You Can Heal Your Life, Louise Hay used positive psychology to help others achieve spiritual, mental, and physical wellness. Though she passed on, her legacy lives on. Use the affirmations on love, health, prosperity, inspiration, happiness, self-esteem, and forgiveness in her blog and watch your life change.

Develop Good Habits 

Habits create character. If you desire to improve yourself, you need to develop the right habits. You need to practice them daily and with time, you will transform into the person you desire to be. This blog will guide you into developing the best habits.

Early to Rise 

Early to Rise is an inspirational blog by Mark Ford, Craig Ballantyne, and Matt Smith. Their articles cover topics on wealth creation, properly managing your time and day for maximum productivity, and conquering in life.


Raptitude.com is all about overcoming the human weaknesses and being the best person you can be. David Cain will guide you through:

  • Achieving emotional intelligence,
  • Gaining confidence,
  • Creating healthy habits,
  • Learning to let go,
  • Finding the benefits of practicing mindfulness, and
  • Living to your full potential.


Goalcast is dedicated to helping people realize their full potential. You will learn to lead a meaningful life by motivating them to achieve their goals and build habits that improve their quality of life. The website contains inspirational articles, quotes, and numerous articles on self-improvement.

Wealthy Gorilla 

This self-improvement blog by Dan Western is bound to leave you inspired and hungry for success. It covers topics such as psychology tricks to self-improvement, contains thought-provoking questions, inspirational stories and much more.

Live Bold and Bloom 

Founded by Barrie, a coach and teacher, the blog contains scientifically proven techniques to help readers enhance their emotional intelligence. Learn to improve their social skills, build healthy habits, acquire a positive mindset, and build self-esteem

Fearless Motivation 

The Fearless Motivation mission is to empower readers to take charge of their financial, physical, and mental state. The blog contains inspiring articles and motivation speeches that will leave you hungry to achieve greatness and live to your fullest potential.

Purpose Fairy 

Purpose Fairy will help you cultivate happiness in your life by giving up the beliefs, negative thought patterns, and habits that hold you back. 

Scott H Young 

Scott Young is passionate about behavior change and self-mastery. He is always carrying out research, trying out new techniques and sharing his findings. His methods help build new habits, achieve productivity, change your mindset and build a successful career.   

Grant Cardone 

Grant Cardone is committed to helping others break out of living the average life and achieve financial freedom and growth. His blog offers valuable advice on living your ideal life, motivation and advice. They help you push for more, and maintaining positivity among others. 

Live Your Legend 

Live Your Legend focuses on helping people be who they are designed to be, live to their full potential, and leave their mark on the world. Explore the work program and read the numerous articles to lead a life of meaning and purpose.

Keep Inspiring Me 

The blog contains inspirational quotes, articles that cover topics on growth, health, productivity, and success. Keep Inspiring Me is bound to help you grow, set better goals, and become your best self.

Prolific Living 

If you feel stuck in a 9-5 job, building someone else’s dream and following a vision you don’t believe in, it’s about time you awakened the genius within you. Prolific Living with Farnoosh Brock will provide you with the right motivation. You will find inspiration, and guidance to be successful, happy and live according to your life’s purpose.


The FinerMinds community will help you achieve happiness. You will learn to improve your consciousness and awareness. And finally build your mind power, achieve personal growth, and embrace the power of spiritual enlightenment.

Positively Positive 

The blog is what you need to live a life of positivity and optimism. It will help you tap into your inner strength and live a fulfilled life. Follow the Positively Positive blog for articles, videos, and quotes to help you change your attitude towards life.

The Emotion Machine 

The blog was started by Steven Handel with a focus on psychology and self-improvement. The blog is an excellent source of articles, psychological quizzes, and downloadable tools. They help you:

  • Take charge of your emotions,
  • Change your thought patterns,
  • Create better habits,
  • Set and achieve your goals,
  • Build better relationships, and
  • Be happy. 

Motivation Grid 

Motivational Grid contains practical and easy to use tips for business and entrepreneurial success. Develop habits to increase your productivity, inspirational videos and quotes among others. 

Robin Sharma 

Robin Sharma is an expert in helping leaders become better at what they do, helping people learn personal mastery, and lead better lives. He is the name behind bestsellers such as The Monk who Sold his Ferrari

Possibility of Change 

The blog is a community of real people sharing their experiences. The lessons they have learnt in life help inspire others in this journey of life. Regardless of what you are going through, there is always a story you can relate to for encouragement and motivation. 

Skip Prichard 

Skip Prichard is a CEO, business leader, and keynote speaker on topics such as personal development and leadership. The blog contains informational articles to help you improve on yourself, quotes, and inspiration to become a great leader

Asian Efficiency 

It’s incredible how much time people waste with procrastination and low efficiency. The articles and podcasts on Asian Efficiency will help you properly manage your time and achieve productivity by using less effort to deliver more output. 

Jim Rohn 

The website is an excellent resource of the exceptional works of Jim Rohn. He was best known as a philosopher, and an expert in motivation and personal achievement. You can find articles on topics such as time management, personal development, communication, and leadership.

Sid Savara 

Sid Savara is passionate about helping people improve their life. His blog contains practical advice on time management. He provides motivation and tips to achieve positive change in one’s life, and topics on goal setting among others.

Think Simple Now 

This is a community of people who seek to inspire and empower each other through their real-life experiences. For any challenge you are facing, you can always find the right words to remind you of the things that make life beautiful. 

Lolly Daskal 

Lolly Daskal is an executive leadership coach, consultant, and speaker. She helps leaders to optimize their performance, cultivate the right virtues and perfect their skills. Anyone can benefit from her blog to develop confidence, emotional intelligence, achieve career growth, and live to their fullest potential.  


Inspiyr provides simple but effective tips to dump your average life and be healthier, happier, and more successful. The content is verified by experts adding credibility to the blog as a source of guidance on self-improvement.  

Productivity 501 

Time is a finite resource and though you can’t get more of it, you can make the most of what is available by increasing your productivity. This is what Productivity 501 is all about. Read the numerous articles to get more done in as little time as possible.


This blog focuses on helping people develop a positive attitude to lead a more successful life and handle life’s challenges better. Ziglar contains quotes, life-changing programs, and original articles to help you live your best life.

Life Optimizer 

Donald Latumahina, the founder of this blog, provides tools and guidance to help you appreciate life. Learn to live according to your life’s purpose, and achieve progress in your career. Also discover how to live healthier, and develop your social and spiritual life.  

Mel Robbins 

Mel Robbins is one of the most booked speakers worldwide and the brain behind The 5 Second Rule. Having hit rock bottom at forty one years, Mel took a step to change her life. She helps others achieve the same through articles on her blog. The videos are sure to help you handle challenges better and become successful. 

Daring to Live Fully 

Daring to Live Fully by Marelisa Fabrega is a blog for those who desire to enjoy every minute of their life, be productive, live to their fullest potential, and thrive. Besides the high quality articles, she offers free email courses and has written several e-books as well.

Success Consciousness 

Success Consciousness by Remez Sasson is an excellent source of articles, books, affirmations, quotes and inspiring stories. The guidance will unleash your inner power to achieve success and live your best life.


Mike Vardy, the founder of the blog, will guide you into being more productive and making every minute of your life count. The articles and podcasts in the blog will help you learn time management skills, beat procrastination, and maximize your potential.

Paid to Exist 

Want to turn your life around, get paid to do things that bring you fulfillment and live everyday with happiness? Follow Paid to Exist. The articles in the blog will help you fuel your passions and live with purpose.

Project Life Mastery 

Project Life Mastery will help you master every area of your life. From improving your physical health and fitness, to achieving emotional intelligence, spiritual growth, financial freedom, and acquiring the right mindset.

Goodlife ZEN 

Life is short and you ought to make the most of the time you get. The Goodlife ZEN community provides weekly inspiration, practical guidance on living your best life. You will be inspired to chase after your dreams and be who you desire to be.  

Planet of Success 

The blog is for anyone who desires to unlock the potential within them, live life to the fullest, overcome failure, and simply be happy. Planet of Success is a community that will help you be the best you and achieve your goals.


Follow the Mindbodygreen blog for achieving holistic wellness mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It covers topics such as meditation, personal growth, and financial matters among others to help you live the best life possible.


Riskology focuses on motivating and inspiring introverts to succeed as leaders. Tyler Tervooren blogs about embracing one’s personality type, developing confidence, productivity, creating the right habits among others. Anyone can benefit from the articles on this blog despite their personality type.

Expert Enough 

Are you utilizing your potential fully? How many things can you say you are truly good at? Expert Enough will help you rise above your comfort zone. The articles will inspire you to do more and be more to live a more purposeful life.

I Need Motivation 

Here you will find inspirational and motivational articles to help you increase your productivity, and improve your quality of life. Develop your self-discipline, make smarter goals and achieve them, and improve your social skills among others. 

Charlie Hoehn 

A great author and keynote speaker, Charlie Hoehn covers a variety of topics to motivate and inspire you to live your best life with optimum health and wellness. He includes a number of real-life stories and practical advice on how to handle life’s challenges.

Wake Up Cloud 

Henri, the founder of Wake Up Cloud is always living life according to his terms. His expertise of the human mind is revealed in his resourceful articles. He covers topics such as achieving your dreams, decision making, and living passionately. 

Get Busy Living 

Get Busy Living blog will guide you into rising above the average life. Live as you desire doing things that make you happy, and to move forward from any stagnation in your life. Find book recommendations, podcasts and articles that will inspire you to a life of success.

A Daring Adventure 

If you are feeling stressed out, unhappy, and stuck in life, try visiting this site. A Daring Adventure under Tim Brownson is what you need to work on fulfilling your potential. Learn be happy, develop good habits, learn to manage stress, and be your best self  

The Daily Motivator 

Ralph Marston has taken it upon himself to motivate people every day, except Sundays, with short unique messages. You can find the message of the day on the main page or visit the archives for all published content. 

Bold and Determined 

This blog will help you live a life of courage, determination, and positivity. It contains high quality content on motivation, developing discipline, and increasing productivity.

Your Life YOUR Way

The lively and bubbly Tia Sparkles (you can tell from her writing) believes in freedom. Freedom to live life as you wish and be who you desire to be. Her blog will help you achieve the same freedom in your life and live the best life. She covers topics such as gratitude, resilience, achieve the right mindset, and live a happy life.

Make it Happen 

The blog was founded by Arvind Devalia, a man who has been through hard challenges in life such as a life-changing divorce, and the loss of a £20 million start-up. He is on a mission to transform himself and his readers, and he shares inspirational and motivational articles on his blog.

Vidya Suri 

Vidya Suri’s blog focuses on helping people lead better and happier lives. Her blog is about gratitude, mindfulness, self-love, positive thinking, and happiness. She also shares inspiring stories and quotes, and provides encouragement.

The Charged Life Blog 

Having faced death at only 19, Brendon Burchard has since learned three important aspects to life, living to your fullest potential, loving without holding back, and making an impact in someone’s life or the world. He helps people fulfill these three goals and live a life of no regrets.  

Awaken the Greatness Within 

You can achieve so much more if you let go of the limiting thoughts you hold, and believe in your greatness and potential. Asad, the founder of this blog, helps people awaken the giant within them through articles, quotes, affirmations, and videos.


The blog covers a variety of niches among them, personal development and inspiration. It contains numerous articles to help you turn your life around, be happy, achieve greatness, and be the best version of yourself. 

Impact Theory 

Most people are living below their potential, with their skills unused and talents unexplored.  Tom Bilyeu uses this blog to help people be their best selves, sharpen their skills, and reach for greatness.

Invisible Mentor 

With this blog, you get to have a mentor by the name of Avil Beckford. She will guide you into developing a successful professional career, motivate you to cultivate a reading culture, and help you develop the right skills to succeed.

Motivation to Move 

Scott Smith, the founder of the blog will help you handle life’s challenges and bounce back with great focus. He will help you develop the passion and motivation to reach your goals and achieve all you put your mind to through podcasts available in the blog.

Motivational Memo 

Peter G. James Sinclair will help you discover and embrace your uniqueness, pursue your passions, and work on your strengths. His blog contains articles on topics such as living an extraordinary life, forgiveness, overcoming fear, and motivational quotes and posters.

Wishing Well 

For the sake of earning a living, most people are stuck in jobs that make them unhappy. Wishing Well focuses on helping people achieve success in their career and provides motivation for people to find a profession that matches their life purpose.


For an extraordinary and successful life, get personal development videos from Actualized.org. In this blog you will find articles on confidence, motivation, life skills, productivity, depression, happiness, emotions and several others. There is a forum as well where you can share your ideas, discuss concepts, post any queries you have and receive answers from like-minded individuals.

Christy Whitman 

Anyone can live a life with no limitation, succeed beyond their expectations, and live the best life. Christy Whitman will guide you through self-discovery, self-mastery, and self-empowerment.  

Paul Minors 

Paul Minors uses his blog to talk about productivity and self-improvement. He talks about balancing business with work, overcoming doubt, and living a minimalist life among others.

Get Motivation 

The blog contains some of the most inspirational words by great motivational speakers such as Robin Sharma, Les Brown, and Earl Nightingale. It also contains numerous inspirational articles from Josh Hinds, the blog’s publisher and author of the book Why Perfect Timing is a Myth.

People Skills Decoded 

No man is an island, you need other people to succeed in life, experience love, and grow. Eduard Ezeanu is a confidence and communication coach, and the brains behind People Skills Decoded. His blog articles focus on personal development with an emphasis on people skills. 

The Utopian Life 

This blog is bound to help you think better and as a result, live better. It contains well-researched blog posts on emotional health, developing healthy habits, multiplying your productivity, and being on the best mental state. 

NJ Hacks 

The blog is by two brothers, Nils and Jonas Salzgeber who are the authors of The Little Book of Stoicism. They combine ancient wisdom and modern science to help people be the best versions of themselves. They cover topics such as positive psychology, procrastination, Stoicism among others.

In conclusion, I would like to mention that the information on these blogs are created by experts and can help you live your best life. They will motivate you to push your limits, be a better person, rise above average, and achieve happiness. 

Know of any other motivational blogs that we should include? Send us your suggestions in the comment section below!

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