10 Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Happiness Project

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What is a happiness project? We can call the happiness project an approach to bring a significant change to your life. It starts with the preparation stage where you identify with the things which bring meaning to life such as satisfaction and joy, and also those which cause you resentment and anger. Keeping in mind these things, you make resolutions and comply with them to benefit from your happiness project. Some people deviate from this approach but if you have the following traits in your personality, you have strong enough reasons to stick to your happiness project.

1. Strong Mental Health

A person who is mentally strong will never waste time on non-productive thoughts and would never let their feelings control them. The belief is to keep their happiness simple and not indulge in complex thoughts which will then control their attitude, behavior, and actions. If you have the ability to shift your focus from the things which you can’t control, you can easily create happiness, better relationships, and more opportunities for yourself.

2. Confidence

Overcoming problems and building confidence are directly related to each other. When someone gets rid of an obstacle, his belief in himself is automatically enhanced. A confident person will be able to achieve more and is not worried about pleasing others. They take calculated risks in life to boost their morale and happiness and are not affected by their failure. If you are confident enough to let go of your past and learn from your mistakes, you should stick to your happiness project and must encourage others to become its part too.

3. Compassion

It is indeed true that studies have revealed that if you perform random acts of kindness, you will feel good about yourself.

“You will never have a completely bad day if you show kindness at least once.” – Greg Henry Quinn

The acts of kindness can also help in relieving the feelings of guilt and stress providing a new and improved take on life. Through practicing kindness, a person is able to forgive himself for the things which are otherwise impossible to forget.

4. Optimistic Personality

If anyone can ignore the pessimistic predictions without allowing themselves to be overconfident, they have the ability to lead a positive and happy life. Pessimism also makes us more vulnerable to illness and cannot achieve success easily. However, one shouldn’t take optimism towards the perils of unrealism.

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5. Sense of Humor

A good sense of humor has global implications and allows the person to have a more positive perspective about oneself and others too. It is such a lens which allows the world to be viewed through a filtered approach and doesn’t let the negativity overpower other emotions. The ability to find humor in different situations and not take life’s setbacks and problems seriously is a blessing. It helps the person in pursuing happiness and not giving up on any of his resolutions.

6. Low Expectations

Amy Morin who is the author of (affiliate link) 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do says, “Life isn’t meant to be fair, that’s life – but it doesn’t mean you’re owed anything if you were dealt a bad hand.”

Even the scientists from the University of London concluded that low expectations play a huge role in retaining your happiness. They help in remaining grounded and be content with whatever has been bestowed upon you by life. Leading a simple yet meaningful life is the best way to stay on the path of happiness.

7. Gratitude

People who have the habit of counting their blessings instead of their burdens are able to keep a strong perspective on life. Their enhanced self-esteem makes them grateful and their ability to appreciate other people’s accomplishments keeps them motivated to feel happy despite all odds. A grateful person can easily overcome trauma helping them to bounce back from stressful situations and not deviate from their happiness project.

8. Frequent Volunteering

Experts say that by indulging yourself in acts of kindness, you can uplift your mood and bring positivity and happiness to your personality. People who volunteer also have a higher self-esteem resulting in their overall well-being. Studies have also revealed that when people donate or work for charity, the portion of the brain that is responsible for the feelings of reward is triggered. All you need to work on is your consistency because the more regular you are, the more connected you will stay with your happiness project.

9. Strong Relationships

If you have even a single relationship which is strong enough to give a boost to your efforts regarding the happiness project, you are luckier than you think. A strong relationship such as that of a teacher is a lasting source of inspiration and will help you in achieving all those difficult milestones which may otherwise seem impossible to overcome. A study by Harvard Health revealed that strong relationships reduce the risk of early death by 50 percent – an effect which can be compared to the impact of smoking and obesity on health.

10. Self-Esteem

Given the right disposition, people have the ability to find happiness even in the most difficult times. The most important trait of such happy people in self-esteem. A few studies by the University of Michigan revealed that a person feels complete and contented not when he receives satisfaction from relationships or money but when he receives satisfaction from his own self. A healthy self-esteem is positive and realistic because it is based on genuine ideals and achievements and provides a strong foundation for ensuring happiness.

When you are able to stay connected to your project firmly, it is possible to make others a part of it too and let them benefit from your positive traits.

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