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Janil Jean

Hi there!

My name is Janil Jean, and you landed on this page because you dig inspirations like me.

Motivation Matter emerges from the idea that everyone needs a dose of inspiration to get by each day. Whether you’re an individual, manager, startup owner, parent, student, teacher, or couple in a relationship – you need to have that positive zing to help you meet everyday challenges.

An individual

Every day you need to get out of the dreary routine and find something to look forward to in your life. Our tips will help you get there.

A parent

Your worries about your child not doing great at school, how she will turn out as an adult, or attend to his swinging teen moods end here, with our tips.

A manager

Your team can now be more productive, engaged, and connected with you on a new level of comfort. Our tips will guide you.

A partner

You puzzle over the ups and downs of your relationship, afraid of hurting egos, and yet wanting to make a move to change the relationship status quo; we’ll show you how.

A teacher

In the classroom or out of it, as a teacher you often want your students to learn more from you than the textbook lessons, find out how right here.

A business owner

Building a team to start a new business adventure is a learning experience. Start with working on your relationships with your co-founder, employees and business partners today to reap the benefits of tomorrow. Our tips will guide you.

The tips you find here are based on your demand for easy to follow self-help lessons; insights to better understand why you’re down and depressed; how to create a better environment to live in; and a productive workplace. We aspire to germinate the idea and let you do the rest, take charge of your life and enjoy a motivated outlook in life.

The nuggets of wisdom from scholars, some from your learned experiences, and insights from experts are listed here will greatly give that boost you really need to get ahead of the game everyday. We enjoy sharing the positive vibes, and we hope you enjoy reading them too. Of course, any platform like this cannot be successful without your contribution. Share away your views with us at to enrich the experience for others and yourself.

Motivating you always.