10 Motivational Habits of Successful People to Adopt for a Better You

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“We are what we repeatedly do. Greatness then, is not an act, but a habit.” These are the words of one of the most famous philosophers who have existed on Earth, none other than Aristotle. Every human strives to be better than everyone else around him and aims of becoming successful in whatever he does. Success is a habit for some while for others, it is their passion and yearning. But one thing is for certain; most people relate to others for a measure of their own success. That is why these motivational habits of successful people will help you achieve more and ensure you improve yourself continually in everyday life.

1. They Always Have a Definite Plan

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Success is never accidental rather it comes after a lot of sweat and blood have been invested in a particular cause. It is through a lot of planning, preparing according to the plan and then executing it which takes people to their desired goals. Successful people never sit and relax, they are always making a plan to achieve their next objective. That is how the world’s richest man in 1908, Andrew Carnegie, became such a big tycoon during his time.

2. They Have Control Over Their Emotions

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Disappointments, failures, and criticism are unavoidable but it is the successful people who never let these things affect them. They come out stronger and more motivated after facing a setback and take it upon themselves to withstand all kinds of hardships which are in their way. The prestigious Carnegie Institute of Technology carried out a research according to which a person’s success is attributed 85 percent to his emotional intelligence and the remaining 15 percent to his technical skills. This is what makes Nelson Mandela stand out among the leaders of all ages that he had a very strong control on his emotions and knew how to use it well.

3. They Are Decisive

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If Mark Zuckerberg had not dropped out of college and made the decision of taking Facebook to the next level then do you think we would have been able to get such a popular social media platform? He was never confused or in a dilemma because he knew what he wanted in life. These people knew how to set their priorities which makes them so head strong. When the time comes for them, their strong mental abilities make them choose the paths which they really want to follow without any contempt or regret. People who are dependent on others for an opinion or to make a decision can never rely on their own instincts and wisdom.

4. They Are Open-Minded

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The world is full of different people and uncertain possibilities. One thing which makes them stand apart is their ability to understand this and be accepting of the differences which exist in the society whether cultural, religious, economic, ethnic, or professional. Their acceptance of their surroundings makes them achieve greater heights and this is the reason that Barack Obama was such a popular leader during his tenure because he was very accommodating about various aspects of the society.

5. They Pay Attention to Details

A large percentage of people are oblivious to the minute things and occurrences around them and thus, this makes them incapable of creating something significant from the smallest things in our surroundings. Because of this, they do not fall in the league of successful people who are mindful of all the happenings in their environment and pick up even the smallest of details. If Newton had not paid attention to the apple which fell down from the tree, we might not even have the Law of Gravity.

6. They Listen More and Speak Less

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Talking a lot means that you are giving away more information whereas increased listening means that a greater number of material is reaching you. Thus, here comes the most impressive formula of the successful people. They let go of as little information as possible and discern what others have to say. One of the most sensitive, and introvert of recent times was Audrey Hepburn who loved maintaining a gentle attitude.

7. They Are Capable Of Taking Criticism

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There can be no truth in the statement that criticism doesn’t affect some people. It does but in different contexts and in different magnitudes. Some people take all the negative to their heart and start feeling pity for themselves. On the other hand, successful people only pay heed to constructive criticism and learn from it to improve themselves. Bill Gates is often criticized for the monopolist nature of Microsoft and how hard he makes his workers work but at the end of the day, that is what makes Microsoft one of the most powerful companies in the world. They don’t have time for any nonsense and keep finding ways to improve themselves from all outlooks.

8. They Have a Positive Perspective towards Everything

If Stephen Hawking didn’t have such a positive approach towards life, he wouldn’t have been so famous despite his shortcomings. Positivity is not just a trait, it is a blessing. Researchers have found that pessimistic people have 20 percent higher risk of dying within 30 years than those who are optimistic. Successful individuals are always grateful for the things in life and tend to develop a positive attitude towards things. This makes them more prone to healthy living with their brain developing in a healthy manner. Negative thoughts and ideas make you lethargic and lose hope which definitely can never lead you to success.

9. They Are Focused and Persistent

Sooner or later, failure encounters every individual but only those who have strong determination and motivation make it through all the negativities. Famous comedian and actor Jim Carrey was booed off the stage for his stand-up comic performance and failed to land himself various roles before finally getting a break in ‘Dumb and Dumber’ that made him a star.

Successful people reach the point where they are meant to be after falling again and again but never giving up during the entire course. As Winston S. Churchill says, “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

10. They Praise the Others’ Achievement

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Successful people are competitive yet they are not jealous. They are always supportive and appreciative of the efforts of others around them and love people seeing achieve their goals. This is one trait which truly brings greatness to their personality making them deserve success. One great example is of Oprah Winfrey who is never behind in appreciating any person whether famous or not for their achievements and positive contribution to the society.

The major desire behind picking these motivational habits must be to become an improved person. A person who possesses these traits is truly someone who can contribute positively to the society and make the world a better place to live in. Along with being a fruitful member of the society, he’ll enjoy success in his career and family life as well.