Top 20 Inspirational Teachers To Follow on Twitter In 2018

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Twitter has been showing some impressive growth since its beginning and is now one of the top-used websites or apps in the world. In the United States alone, there are 67 million Twitter users and these comprise only 21 percent of total Twitter accounts.

Here are some inspirational teachers or educators who can increase your motivation and guide you in different educational sectors. Follow them to obtain great educational insights:

1. Adam Grant

An opinion writer in New York Times and serving as a psychology professor at the Wharton College of the University of Pennsylvania, he likes to talk about various psychological matters. Through his inspirational words, he wants people to realize the true meaning of success and why it matters to contribute to the society? He urges people to be on the giving end of the community instead of the taking one so that significant benefits can be reaped from it.

2. Rob Griffith

He is a social studies teacher by profession but possesses an immense love for technology and uses it for better teaching strategies and tactics. He shares his experiences on Twitter and let people know about the things which have worked for him. He is quite invested in his motive to provide the best education to the students and to help them in achieving their academic goals.

3. Dan Brown

Dan Brown has been an inspirational author of  The Great Expectation School and he’s all for motivating children to take the best path in life. His Twitter followers can not only enjoy some inspirational quotes on his feed but also keep themselves updated with the latest happenings in the education sector. He is quite vocal about his thoughts and is likely to share some great encouraging stories with his followers too.

4. Justin Tarte

From giving professional development advice to sharing some of the most inspirational quotes, Dr. Tarte’s Twitter provides a complete take on teaching. He is an education minister in Missouri and shares some great tips, news, and advice multiple times on his Twitter feed. Connecting through his account, one can find a number of opportunities and some great advice pertaining to different aspects of life.

5. Tom Whitby

Tom Whitby is an education professor and uses his Twitter handle to talk about various educational issues and to share his opinion. He is the founder of #EdChat where the latest advancements and trends related to education are discussed. This helps his followers to keep a track of the current happenings in the educational world and stay aware.

6. Arne Duncan

Being the U.S. Secretary of Education, you can find some interesting education-related material on his Twitter feed. He often posts his interesting ideas, some informative articles, and new releases related to education and learning that provide a thought-provoking insight to his followers. You can even learn about the new educational policies which will impact the sector and bring about significant changes in the lives of school-going children. Follow him to keep yourself motivated and updated with the latest happenings around.

7. Will Richardson

He is an author as well as a blogger who likes talking about technology and its role in our lives, especially in the classrooms. By reading his book Freedom to Learn , take on the latest news, articles, and other topical issues, you can enlighten yourself with some useful and tremendous knowledge. He is critical of some of the latest tactics involving education and his recommendations are definitely something to look forward to.

8. Randi Weingarten

She is the president of the American Federation of Teachers and is a force to reckon with on educational issues. You will not only see her tweeting about education but also about the overall civic life and other pressing social matters which require immediate attention. If you want to stay actively aware of the latest happenings in the education sector, you must not forget to follow Weingarten on Twitter.

9. Doug Robertson

With a number of credible books including “A Classroom of One” and “He’s the Weird Teacher” under his belt, Robertson is an educationist who preaches the best teaching strategies. He calls teaching a blend of art and science that comes from the heart and is carried out in the most systematic way. By achieving the right balance, it becomes possible to reach the children at the emotional level and their unhappiness and to improve their academic performance as well.

10. Erin Klein

Klein is not only an educator but an author and a keynote speaker as well. She is renowned in her field and is known as one of the top motivational leaders. She has been selected twice by the Scholastic Inc. Top Teaching Team and her publications contribute a lot to the world of teaching. She is currently teaching at an elementary level and has an influential opinion in shaping the teacher leadership in the country.

11. George Couros

“The best educators change the trajectories of those they serve. Through learning, teaching, writing, & speaking, I continue to aspire to this.”

Couros is passionate about creating such a dynamic environment which involves all the stakeholders to meet the needs of the children. He is an author as well as an “Innovative Teaching, Learning, and Leadership Consultant”. Given his 17 years’ experience in the education sector, his wisdom and opinion on various issues hold significant importance for its prolific growth.

12. The Teacher Train

Mr. M is an award-winning teacher who motivates and inspires a lot of people inside and out of the education circle. His take on different policies and words of wisdom help other teachers in making their classrooms an ideal place for the students for learning.

13. Rachel Dene Poth

In 2017, Rachel was selected as the Outstanding Teacher of the Year by the Pennsylvania Association for Educational Communications in Technology (PAECT). She is a regular blog and highlights student-related issues and their voices through her words and opinion. She has also been selected by the NSBA as a “20 to watch” educators and has an award under her belt for her achievements in this regard.

14. Art La Flamme

This teacher has a rather quirky style and shares a lot of information about the hot issues on his Twitter feed. Not only is he interested in helping the students in choosing a topic for their thesis/paper but is equally vocal about the different policies implemented by the President. He likes talking about anything and everything and shares some wise opinions about central issues.

15. Jason M Kern

Working as the Chief Information Officer and Director of Modern at The Oakridge School in Arlington, he has been in the education business for 19 years. He is an avid blogger and a Google Certified Innovator who has a very strong take on various educational and non-educational trending issues.

16. Jennifer Carey

By following Carey, you will be able to touch on various educational issues and get insight on them. She is a director at Ransom Everglades School in Florida, and she is quite often seen talking about teaching technology and how to make it effective for students. Her Twitter feed is diverse and contains discussions ranging from plagiarism to digitized books.

17. Sue Gorman

Gorman is an exceptionally talented individual who has a strong voice on social media and is an Apple Distinguished Educator. She is a Google Certified Innovator as well and this adds a lot more credibility to her personality. Being the advocate of amalgamation of technology and classroom, Sue also emphasizes the importance of visible thinking and inquiry among the students. By connecting with her, you will find out about some of the most influential and powerful educational collaborations from around the world.

18. Eric Sheninger

To get to know the administrative side of education, you need to follow Eric Sheninger. The principal of New Jersey’s New Milford High School and is an engaging, social tweeter, Sheninger is a mover and shaker in his field. His tweets are about the activities as well as  programs at his school encouraging other educators to follow the suit. He also shares the most trending stories related to learning and teaching facilitating both the students and the teachers in different educational processes.

19. Mary Beth Hertz

Hertz is based in Philadelphia and works as a specialist for technology integration in the education sector. You will find a number of articles on her news feed about improving the student engagement and providing a better classroom environment to them. She also shares debates about the zero-tolerance classroom policies and is very active in spreading the latest news and developments in the field.

20. We Are Teachers

While this Twitter account is not a teacher per se but here you’ll find all the nifty ideas and important tactics for teacher to deal with their every day. Some tweets make you think; others make you want to change the world.


Each and every one of the above-mentioned teachers give you a wonderful insight on the educational industry and inspire you to gain more knowledge about this field. They motivate you to work towards the betterment of education and overcome those negatives which surround it.

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