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How to Find the Meaning of Life for You

Questions have been asked concerning the origin of humans and on life after death. Numerous theories try to explain it, and though plausible, none can be proven beyond doubt.

What brought life to this earth and what happens after does not affect you much. The fact is that you are here today. Your question should be for what purpose?

Society has defined a path of life which supposedly gives meaning to life but does it truly give the satisfaction of having lived to one’s real purpose? Go to college, get a good job, marry and start a family, but is that all there is to life?

Your life is not made meaningful by groundbreaking discoveries. While it may be the case for some people, it’s not for all. It is unique for each and should come from within you.

Why Do You Need To Find The Meaning Of Life For You?

Other than filling an inner void and giving you a reason to wake up every morning full of optimism, giving meaning to your life improves your mental health. Knowing that you are doing something that matters reduces the risk of falling into depression or developing low confidence.

Finding the meaning of life adds focus to your life. Most people live a life where they merely exist. When you find meaning in life, you live a life of purpose. Everything you do connects to this purpose, and you do not allow distractions such as social media and toxic people get into your way. You can prioritize what is of importance.

It’s a harsh world. Adversities ranging from loss of loved ones to financial distress make life a bit unbearable. But with a deeper meaning in your life, you find a reason to hold on and persevere. You learn how to view the hardships from a positive perspective, seeing them as something you have to go through to reach your goal and build your character.

In the end, you feel more satisfied with your life. Ever heard of confessions from people on their deathbed who wish they could get another chance at life? Most feel unsatisfied with the life they led, feel that they could have put more effort on things that gave them more than material things.

5 Ways to Find Meaning for your Life

Here are a few tips to help you figure out the meaning of life for you.

What Gets Your Heart Racing

As a young child, before the love for money corrupted your mind, you probably had that one activity that you loved doing. It could be drawing, dancing, teaching your dolls or anything else that you could spend hours doing.

Upon going into high school and college, the need to develop a career that is considered stable and secure such as accounting, law, and medicine overtake these genuine passions. While some people feel that they were born to defend people, work with numbers or cut people up and fix them, it’s not for everyone.

Ask yourself, if work was without payment, what would you be doing? Search deep in yourself. What can make you stay up all night, is it writing or painting?

Once you point it out, change careers, add it into your daily routine or incorporate it into your job. If you love football, coach the kids in your neighborhood after work. If it’s writing, start a blog and advice people on your area of expertise. Be creative.

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Brandon Stanton, the creator of Humans of New York, used his passion for photography to create a successful photo blog and book. Brandon was a bond trader in Chicago. It was in this position that he bought his camera which he would use to take photos during weekends.

Stanton then lost his job and got into photography full-time, a venture that has seen him appear on Times list of “30 Under 30 World Changers”. He has also received the People’s Voice award and the James Joyce Award.

You can never go wrong when you follow your passion. There is never the right moment to start; start wherever you are.

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Seize Opportunities

People are born in different backgrounds. While some people may experience exposure from a young age, others merely received basic care and education. Whichever your case, there is a lot in the world you are yet to see.

Explore. Leave your comfort zone and try out new things. If you still haven’t found where your passion lies, one opportunity could turn out to be an eye-opener.

Don’t get too comfortable with your dull day to day routine. The fact that you are yet to engage in activities that grant you more profound satisfaction means that your solution is outside of your ordinary life.

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Adopt an adventurous spirit. Volunteer, travel, engage with different people and learn about their experiences.

One entrepreneur to look up to is Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group. A risk-taker and adventurer, Richard Branson may not be as rich as Jeff Bezos, but he sure enjoys what he does and lives life to the fullest. Richard Branson has attempted to circle the world in a hot air balloon. At one time, he jumped off the roof of a hotel in celebration of Virgin America’s first flight.

He started a magazine at age 16. Richard Branson currently runs over 400 companies including a private spaceflight venture called Virgin Galactic which intends to take commercial passengers to the edge of space – can it get more epic?

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Obey Your Intuition

Humans have been trained to act with reason as opposed to paying attention to their intuition. In the end, people end up doing what is expected of them or what the rules dictate.

Throw the rule book out the window. Instincts are an innate inclination towards a behavior. It’s connected to your inner self and is a reflection of your inner desires and wants.

Your instincts can guide you from the very basic decisions such as what to have for lunch to the more complex ones such as investments.

Learn to listen to your intuition, and you are bound to live by your own rules, gravitating to the things that have meaning to you and that you are cut out to do.

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Oprah Winfrey discovered her passion for media in school. She followed her gut and left college early to pursue what she loved and ended up as the first black female news anchor before hitting 20.

Growing up in an era when not much was expected from the black community, she ignored the stereotypes and followed her heart.

Trusting her instincts is the reason Oprah Winfrey is the media mogul she is today. Her significant moves in life which include starting a show and ending it have turned her into a billionaire. Although she listens to ideas and proposals, her final decision is always based on gut feeling.

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Seek a Purpose Higher than Yourself

There is a deep satisfaction that comes with knowing you made a difference in someone’s life. It gives your life a deeper meaning and purpose when you are a part of a cause that is bigger than yourself.

It’s a chaotic world, and there are problems at every corner pollution, sex trafficking, child labor, and homeless people among a zillion other issues. Pick one and do something that makes a difference. 

Go out there and make a difference in someone’s life. Do random acts of kindness expecting nothing in return, and your life is sure to develop more meaning.

Brittany Merrill Underwood is the founder and CEO of the Akola Project. She has dedicated her skills to transforming the lives of impoverished women and families and empowering them through training, employment, and holistic care.

Her social business has changed the lives of over 250 women and 2500 children in Uganda. Brittany’s eyes were opened to true poverty while on a trip to Uganda, the experience stirred a desire in her to make a change.

You may not have the funds or resources to change the world, but you can start with one person.

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Be Present

In this fast-paced world, everyone is after making their next million, or billion. Others are busy chasing power and fame as proven by the numerous Instagram celebrities today.

People are so engrossed in satisfying their wants that they forget what truly matters. No matter how much you make, you are still going to need more, there so many billionaires out there who feel unfulfilled and empty.

Don’t be too busy chasing material wealth that you forget the true meaning of living.

Give and receive love. Forget the business meetings and relish the lunch you are having. Spend some time in solitude and be in touch with your thoughts and feelings. Share a meal with loved ones, enjoy the laughter of your kids and just be present.

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Your time on earth is already short enough. You cannot afford to live a life without purpose. Do the things that please your heart and follow your intuition.

Take advantage of all opportunities and explore life. Enjoy every moment of life and its little pleasures, and most of all try to make the world a better place in your simple way.