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Lessons About A Course In Miracles You Need To Learn Before You Hit 40

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You only start missing something once you’ve lost it. For the people facing their middle-age crises, youth feels the same way. It feels like time and youth and chances just passed you by and you never even noticed. For people like these,  A Course in Miracles appeared a guiding star; a book that you apparently do not read but live.

About A Course in Miracles 

The book was a collaborative project between Schucman and William (‘Bill’) Thetford and the inspiring life lessons that the book offers may point to a place of belonging, peace and purpose for you and a lot of others. William was a renowned psychologist, and Schucman spent a lot of her life transcribing this book. This was a culmination of a long period of work, and it shows.

Here are some truths the book has to offer you before you turn 40:

1. The Spiritual Abode is Boundless  

Spirituality of boundless, it is filled with love and calmness. The realm of the spiritual is always forgiving and opens its arms to all. In reality, our home is within our souls, the true kingdom for humanity, a profound domain of unadulterated unity and unlimited euphoria which can never be undermined.  So, all of our worries hardly make sense because we are all part of a single abode at the end.

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2. Individuality is an Illusion

We try to vehemently change the reality. To forcefully separate into individuals. We believe we are particles separate from each other. We convince ourselves of this delusion and called ourselves independent, separate and self-sufficient creatures.

God did not make the world; we did. And it is time we started to accept it so that we find peace.

3. Everyone is Part of a Whole

Be that as it may, the detachment only exists because we think it does, we have really not gone too far away from the souls. The partition has had no impact because nothing can affect the infinite souls. We may have created walls, but, we also have built bridges of kindness and forgiveness. We are still parts of a whole who have somehow forgotten the truth. We can find purpose and direction the moment we realize this.

4. The Anguish of Sinning

We as humans believe we have made numerous mistakes throughout our lives. The anxiety we feel is not because of the loss of a job opportunity, a house or a loved one but our imagined disconnect from humanity. Thus, humans have forever searched for answers to questions of purpose and loneliness, not realizing that it is all but a mere illusion. The search and anguish will end when we awaken and rediscover ourselves as a part of one whole.

5. The Illusion of Being Wronged

Forever anguished at this illusion of separation but not realizing how or why, we often tend to put the blame on others, on the world at large. We create the image of a violent world, a violent people, forever at odds with us. By imagining this, we try to explain our distress and tell ourselves stories of being wronged, losing people and opportunities and the elusive prime of our lives. It is like we are telling the world that it owes us something for how it wronged us. The moment we stop doing this and realize the true reason for our anguish and unhappiness, we will stop suffering.

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6. Reactions to “Reality” 

The only answer to this distress is to rearrange this “reality.” We go through life in defensive mode while trying to preserve our innocence. The image we have is a world constantly assaulting us and us trying to protect ourselves from it. We try to fill the void with happenings, material things, needs because of our feelings of inadequacy and incompleteness. We have the need to feel pure and unique at the same time. In this journey, our bodies are both a medium and an end in itself. But we have forgotten that these images of individual bodies and consciousness is not real. Our materialistic needs are not real either. The sooner we understand this, faster the anguish fades.

A Course in Miracles (affiliate link) carefully explains, in its own unique way, this feeling of anxiety that settles in the older we get. The longer we believe in this delusion, the more wronged we feel. We keep dreaming of this separation and are filled with longing. Accepting this sooner will mean you can finally wake up and stop feeling that you have sinned. These are some of the lessons the book offers to help you along the path of awakening.

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