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Top 20 Motivational Instagram Accounts To Follow In 2020

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With more than 800 million overall users, around 40 billion photos have already been posted on Instagram. Typically, Instagram is used for marketing purposes but the following accounts will help you in staying motivated to lead a better life through some inspirational quotes, photos, and videos.

1. Female Collective

Inspiring the females who have been oppressed and deprived of success just because of their gender, this Instagram account is all about motivating women out there to overcome the odds. By encouraging them to find a way to success even in the bleakest situations, this Instagram is all about proving the critics that the females are capable of a lot more than they can imagine.


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2. Humans of New York

If you want to see some of the most heart-warming real-life stories, you need to follow Humans of New York. Starting originally as a Facebook page, the person behind this idea, Brandon Stanton, has also compiled the different stories into a successful series. If you want to learn positivity from the people facing the most adverse circumstances or just lighten up your day with a cute photo, visit this account. You will see how interesting and inspirational real-life stories are as compared to the fictional ones.


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3. Mike Dooley

Who doesn’t face problems and situations in life? It is when you allow these problems to overpower your spirit and soul, you start losing the battle. A photo shared on this account had the quote, “Whatever your problem or challenge may be, laugh at it. Laugh long and hard. Because you are forever and it is temporary.” This motivates us to welcome all the adversities with open arms because they are not going to last longer than our life.


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4. You Are Luminous

People are running towards success thinking that ultimate happiness lies in achieving everything in life. The reality is that no one can ever get everything in life and thus, his happiness always remains incomplete. This Instagram account encourages to find happiness within ourselves because that will mean that we are already successful in all the aspects of life. Happiness comes from within and cannot be guaranteed by financial and worldly gains.

5. Elizabeth Gilbert

This author of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ has triggered millions of people to find their creativities and put aside all those fears which cause hindrance. During the days when you can’t seem to find the inspiration for your creative works or are looking for motivation to get through the day, this feed can simply do wonders for you. Her words allow you to liberate yourself from all kinds of pressures and do whatever you want to with your life unless it is harming anyone else.

6. Aaron White

There are many people out there who are struggling with heartbreak and complicated relationships. White serves to be a source of hope and inspiration for all such people as he encourages them to look at their life beyond that troublesome relationship. He gives hope to people to look forward to forming new relationships despite a broken heart because they truly deserve nothing but the best in life.


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7. Motivation Mafia

Having an enormous number of followers, Motivation Mafia was one of the first Instagram accounts to start posting motivational quotes. The account is filled with inspirational quotes covering all the aspects of life and making us learn a number of lessons. From having a sound personal life to thriving towards your professional goals, this account will inspire you to create a perfectly balanced and happy life.

8. She Leads Africa

By following this account, you will not only see some inspirational quotes but will also learn great success stories of people from Africa and beyond. These stories will make you even more motivated to strive for a better professional life and work harder towards your goals. The corporate world is filled with immense competition and in order to succeed, one needs to work hard and stay motivated.

9. Achieve the Impossible

There are numerous positive phrases and quotes shared by this account so that every aspect of your life is filled with hope and optimism. This is a must-follow account for the business owners especially the ones who have just ventured into entrepreneurship. It helps budding talent in overcoming the negative thoughts allowing them to unleash their most talented side. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t cover everyday life aspects rather, it is more directed towards them.

10. The Secret Daily

The Secret has been an international success, now their channel on Instagram aim inspires people to strengthen their relationships with inspirational quotes and some really sweet images. Through their inspirational quotes you’ll realize how precious life is and how beautiful love can be. These quotes will guide you on what should be done and what not in order to maintain harmony, love, friendship, and respect in a relationship.

11. Happsters

This Instagram account has all the amazing quotes which you would just want to print and fill your entire apartment with. Despite having everything in life, people still fail to realize their true happiness. This is because they don’t feel happy from within. The Happsters will make sure that their feed has something to make you smile and inspire to get going for the rest of the day. Be it loving yourself or wishing good for others, this Instagram account will inspire your best side to come out.

12. Entrepreneur

For the followers of Entrepreneur Magazine, there is always something fantastic to look forward to their Instagram account. Apart from sharing the wonderful stories of some successful business people and great business tips, the account’s feed is also filled with motivational quotes. You will not only experience an advancement in your knowledge but will also see that you are truly inspired to achieve the best in life. This place is also a great platform to reach out to people and form a strong network.


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13. Law of Attraction Live

The account is focused to motivate the Gen Y and others to fulfill all their dreams and follow their career ambitions. They encourage the young people to adopt traits like fearlessness and discipline to strive towards their cause and achieve all their targets. It is a community comprising of mentors, professionals, and young learners where everyone benefits from one another.

We love their “Vibe of the Day” posts which exude positive energy through and through.

14. Sophia Amoruso

The founder of the brand NastyGal, Amoruso is an entrepreneur who encourages others to follow their dreams. Her story has also been adapted into a TV series names Girl Boss. She inspires people through her life and her words of wisdom to look for such a life which will bring them happiness and contentment. She wants other people especially women not to settle for the life they have instead, create the kind of life they truly desire.


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15. Lean In

Glorifying the women from different fields, this Instagram account is all about inspiring the common women to achieve their goals. It talks about the finest achievements of both renowned and non-celebrity women and how they have been able to make this world a better place for themselves. Revealing the facts about gender discrimination in our society, the goal of this community is to acquire equal rights for women in all walks of life.


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16. Passion Passport

Do you want to explore some of the best places in the world right through the screen of your cell phone? The Passion Passport is the perfect Instagram account to follow if you want to motivate yourself for a great travel adventure. The photos are awe-inspiring and would definitely make you book tickets to any of the destination you’ve seen in the photos.

17. Bianca Bass

A London-based writer, Bianca is the head of marketing in a leading organization. She gives strong messages of believing in oneself and recognizing your own abilities. Her words will serve to be quick affirmations of your self-confidence and will empower you to strive for your goals. By reading her wonderful quotes, you will start feeling comfortable in your own skin.


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18. Hannah Bronfman

Learn the best fitness moves, beauty advice, and the most inspirational quotes about the healthy lifestyle from Bronfman. With a little bit of help from her, achieving a healthier lifestyle and inspiring yourself to work for one becomes easier. She is one person who can make exercising and working out such an easy job and something to look forward to.

19. Caroline Kelso

“Sometimes movement in any direction (even in the wrong direction) is less painful than standing still.” Kelso’s colorful and inspiring posts will give you the motivation to run that extra mile and get everything done for yourself.


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20. Cleo Wade

Rising to fame through her Instagram account in 2014, Wade is an artist, poet, and speaker who utilizes her talents to inspire people. She encourages them to love themselves before anyone else because you are the one who is going to stand by yourself through the most difficult situations. Her account is a combination of art and activism and inspires people to achieve both.

Keep getting inspired by these Instagram accounts and attain a completely happy and motivated lifestyle for yourself.


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Updated 17 October 2019

21. The Writers Co

Even writers need motivation, and The Writers Co. is the best account to follow. Their inspirational posts are unapologetic and downright upfront about accepting yourself as you are. Their motivational quotes let you share what you need to take that next step to jump onto the bandwagon of writing, or life.

22. The Positive Mindset

It’s all in the mind, and this Instagram account is all about that. When you make your mind up, you can achieve anything. The Positive Mindset let you know that you are not alone in thinking to change your mind for the better, or making up your mind on what you consider the best outcome when everybody is against you. Bring on the positive vibes is what this account is all about. Check them out.

We hope you liked our list, and if you have any more to recommend, feel free to drop in the comment below.