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20 Teachers on Twitter Changing the Colors of Education in 2019

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Around 96 percent of students rely on social media to resolve their educational queries and to seek some credible advice. Social media has transformed a number of industries but its effects on the classroom are overwhelming. With 27 percent of the schools having an online community for teachers and administrators, it is clear that these institutions heavily rely on the perks of social media for the growth of their students and the overall education sector. Earlier we compiled a list of inspirational teachers to follow on Twitter in 2018, this list follows up twenty brilliant teachers on Twitter to who are revolutionizing the educational sector through diverse methods of teaching:

Kimberly Quon

If there is someone who considers teaching to be a passion, it is definitely Kimberly Quon. Apart from being a teacher, she is also a ballerina and loves Disney. She believes that the learning process never stops even for the teachers as every new batch of students brings about distinct challenges. Which teacher doesn’t, eh? One can also see her enjoying different activities with the students and encouraging them to have some great time while schooling.

Marian Dingle

Despite all the odds she has faced in her life, her love for Math and teaching continued to grow. She teaches the elementary classes and runs a blog of her own to teach her favorite subject and to inspire people about life in general. She likes reflecting on her own thoughts because she believes that it is good for her soul but at the same time finds doing so terrifying in public.

Mrs. Matsalia

Through her official website, she posts her lessons for the students and other teachers to facilitate the learning process. She helps with tutoring, parental/guardian guides, and other education-related issues. Through her programs, one can get inspiration towards providing quality education and well-being of the future generation.

Ms. Courtney Henry

Another Math teacher who is there to make people fall in love with the subject and not to be scared of it. By following her Twitter, one can learn a number of things which will help in performing better in class. From completing tests on time to indulging in different interesting Math activities, you will find a lot of help from her words.

Mrs. Albertson

Who isn’t a supporter of incorporating the latest technology in the classrooms? Mrs. Albertson is keener than anyone else to introduce the young generation to the wonders of technology and enhance their learning processes. She is not only a teacher but an innovator as well who knows how to utilize unique tactics to facilitate different teaching methods.

Mrs. Lane

If someone is looking for some interesting classroom activities, they must regularly follow Ms. Lane on Twitter. She shares the actions of her students and one can definitely learn some awesome teaching techniques from her. The parents and the teachers will be able to ignite the interest of the children in any subject by copying Mrs. Lane’s methods.

Mrs. Bicher

Working as an elementary school counselor at Lincolnway Elementary School in South Dakota, Mrs. Bicher is exceptional in her skills. Guiding the students to choose a suitable career and land their first job as per their personality code and encouraging increased interaction between them and their teachers, you can see her doing all and sharing it on her Twitter profile.

Sarah Carter

Carter works for a small high school in Oklahoma and has an undying love for Math. She created a blog called Math = Love as she wanted both the students and the teachers to know that learning different math skills is fun and not boring. She posts her blogs quite frequently and the best thing about them is that it carries pieces of advice from her previous students.

Mrs. James

Mrs. James is a well-known name in Latin and Social Studies. She is quite active on her social media accounts and her tweets and posts are quite inspiring for both students and teachers. Not only does she appreciate her students’ various activities but she can also be seen encouraging them to perform better.

Ms. Marion

One of the most interesting things about Ms. Marion is that she conducts different kinds of projects and sessions in her class. Nearly all her students are from low-income households and she collects donations to support their projects. Teaching English to 9th grade, she ensures that the skills of her students are neatly polished.

Carlanda Williams

she can be defined in one word, that would definitely be magical and this is exactly what she likes to call herself. She loves Disney and her strength lies in engaging her classrooms with some interesting book reading. She believes in working hard towards your dreams and achieving them through your efforts.

Jessica Jacks

Teaching 3rd to 5th graders at Oakley Elementary School, she likes building very strong characters of her students. Sharing pictures of her classroom, we see that she keeps her students engaged and ensures that they have some quality time in the classroom. Brainstorming, data digging, collaborating, and action planning are some of the things which are carried out in her classroom.

Dr. Mirshah

Working as the Principal of Largo High School, she has taken the institution to a whole new level as it is recognized as one of the four excellent high schools in Maryland. Her great ideas and amazing teaching strategies help her students in gaining greater insights into their education and improve their process of learning.

Dwayne Reed

He must be the coolest teacher around because of his exceptional rapping skills. One can visit his YouTube channel to discover some of the amazing teaching tactics he uses to entertain and to inspire children to lead better lives. One of his best tweets says, “Every child deserves to be warmly greeted, to have their name used positively, and to be hugged, high-fived, hand-shaked, or at least smiled at by their teacher, daily.”

Shaun Carter

Running the blog “The Prime Factorisation of Me”, Shaun Carter resides in Oklahoma teaching math to year seven, nine, ten, and twelve. He and his wife, Sarah Carter, are both math enthusiasts and use their blogs to make Math a fun subject for teachers and students alike. He is basically from Australia but has now moved to the USA and pursues his teaching goals there.

Chris McCord

Serving as the associate dean for Northern Illinois University’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, he oversees 17 different departments of the institution. He started teaching in 2000 after earning his Master’s Degree from the University of Georgia in Mathematics Education. He also serves as the Head Coach for the Boys’ Cross Country Team and the Girls’ Lacrosse Teams. He’s an avid Math teacher but also never forgets to advocate the rights and well-being of the students through his social media profiles.

Nate Bowling

As per Bowling, he is a veteran teacher who is trying to find the underlying meaning of the education policies and the social politics which deeply affect the students and teaching practices. He has been a finalist of 2016 National Teacher of the Year and won 2016 Washington State Teacher of the Year. He is a proud supporter of colored education and believes that status quo ruins the kids’ education.

Jose Luis Vilson

A very enthusiastic Math teacher, Vilson is an eager supporter of #EduColor as well. He believes that instead of building more schools, the quality of education should be improved in the existing ones. The infrastructure doesn’t need more schools but only the improvement of the ones which are already functional.

Albert T. Lewis

Albert’s Latest tweet was, “Great teachers don’t show up for WORK… they show up for KIDS! It’s a passion — not a job.” This shows how much respect he has for his profession and where his true loyalties lie. He is an inspiration for other teachers because he believes that the best education means getting the best for the well-being and future of the students.

Michael Bonner

Bonner knew he wanted to be a teacher after he got inspiration from his professor, Dr. Paulson. Changing his major as well as his passion altogether and jumping into the field to teach some restless 7-years-old was the biggest decision of his life. Since then, he hasn’t been able to take a break and enjoys each and every moment of being around his students. If one wants to gain motivation and inspiration for choosing teaching as a career, they must read his book ‘Get Up or Give Up – How I Almost Gave Up on Teaching’.

All these teachers are excelling in their respecting fields and supporting #EduColor through their efforts. By following them, both the parents and other teachers can gain some wonderful insights about the education sector. They will be inspired to help their children or students to perform to the best of their abilities so that they can acquire quality education.

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