Why People Fail at Finding Happiness

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There are people living among us who have everything in life including a warm partner, a great house, and a supportive family but still they tend to seek happiness. They are not satisfied with the things they have and continuously look deprived of peace. A number of factors are responsible for their unhappiness and all of them trace to their mind or their inability to accept their current situation. According to a number of researchers, 40 percent of our happiness is directly under our control and we can change our situation by ourselves. Here are the tops reasons why people fail to find happiness in their lives:

Having High Standards

If you have high standards, that is actually a good thing because this helps in staying on the positive path. However, setting too high standards can become a huge issue. There are people who refuse to settle for less and are inclined to get only what they truly want. These high standards apply to all the areas of their life including their job, relationships, education and everything else. Because of this, they are constantly under the illusion that their life achievements aren’t enough and they need to strive harder.

Overthinking Situations

Many people are over-thinkers who continuously keep pondering over their situation. Irrespective of their condition, they are always looking to find deeper meanings and this can be mentally, emotionally, and physically draining for them. They are always reading people’s attitudes and creating problems for themselves which do not even exist.

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Being Too Hard on Yourself

Guilt and regret are a part of our lives but some people can hold on to them for years. They stay constantly at the back of their minds experiencing flashbacks of all their past mistakes. Apart from this, not giving yourself enough time and space to actually be happy is also a dilemma of the modern human beings. The Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research conducted a survey which said that 31 percent of men and 44 percent of women experience holiday blues, thus, they need some leisure time out for themselves.

Seeking Bigger and Better Things

There are certain people who are never satisfied with their current situation and are always looking for something more. They want better than what they already have whether it is something materialistic or a meaning, a purpose, or any pattern. According to an examination which was published in the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, happiness is linked with job satisfaction and career success. People who have big imaginations and the tendency to strive for the better opportunities cannot relax and this steals all the joy from their lives.

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Lack of Deep Communication and Understanding

For any human being, having someone who can understand everything they think and feel is the most satisfying thing on earth. It is very comfortable to sit with a like-minded person in a peaceful place and let out everything which is bothering you. Sadly, this is not something which someone can experience easily because loving and understanding people are hard to find these days. Researchers in the University of Arizona discovered that people find more happiness when they engage themselves in substantive conversations.

Psychological Problems

About 1 in every 10 adults in America are clinically depressed, says a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Since 1994, the consumption of antidepressants has increased manifolds. Some people suffer from mental disorders which make them prone to sadness and depression. It is also said that 50 percent of human happiness is genetically determined. People who have social anxiety or are bipolar tend to feel a lot more anxious and conscious of themselves and their surroundings. Only through proper medical help, and self motivation that they can pull themselves out of depression.

Spending Time with the Wrong People

More than 60 percent of the people who feel lonely are married. If you are around toxic people, you are definitely causing yourself more misery. People and their behavior have a huge impact on you and their negativity can prevent you from attaining happiness. People who don’t have a positive mentality or something good to say can sabotage your peace of mind and can cause you to feel angry, deprived, and numerous other negative emotions. There are many ways of finding good people who can actually lift you and show you a positive image of life.

The modern society and its demands have made it all the more difficult for people to attain happiness in little things in life because they associate happiness with money and materialistic gains and hardly have any time for the more valuable things in life like compassion and sympathy, belonging, family life etc.. Loneliness and unhappiness are as dangerous as any chronic illness and increase the chance of an early death by 14 percent. That’s why happy nations around the world invest in building social enrichment programs to help individuals lead holistic lives.

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