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10 Inspirational Examples Of Life Coaching

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Even the most famous people on earth can face the same kind of challenges as we face while going about our lives.  They also feel a spur of emotions and might be overwhelmed by their situation rendering them unable to continue on the right track of life.

Here are some of the most famous and inspirational stories of celebrities going to life coaches for help and assistance.

Oprah Winfrey

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A lot of life coaches have graced Oprah’s show and she has given a chance to many people to lead better lives. We all know how strong of a woman she herself is and how her life is a lesson for everyone to strive for the best things in life. She attributes a part of her success to her life coach, Martha Beck, and has been a serious advocate of life coaching for a long period of time.

Martha helps people in achieving their goals and we have seen Oprah reach greater heights after coming under her consultation. She sets a perfect example of achieving goals with the help of a life coach.

Takeaway – Accomplishing goals to achieve success.

Metallica the Band

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For the people growing up in the 90s, Metallica was a great fascination and attracted the respect of millions of fans. However, the band had occasional feuds and it was becoming hard for the members to continue as a single unit.

In the documentary “Some Kind of Monster”, it is finally revealed that the members came to peace because of the efforts and sessions conducted by Phil Towel. He is a therapist and a performance enhancement coach who helped the band in staying together for more than a decade.

Takeaway – Eliminating differences and conflicts to reach peak performance.

Leonardo DiCaprio

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DiCaprio has been around for quite a while and had only a few big movies to his credit. Despite being a good actor, he wasn’t able to give compelling performances and still lacked the spark to earn him good roles.

By coming under the supervision of Tony Robbins, he was able to polish his skills and work on his strengths. Since then, he has bagged some of the most memorable roles of his career and has given some stellar performances. He finally received his long-awaited Oscar for showcasing his amazing acting skills in “The Revenant”. Thus, Robbins showed him the way to focus on his strengths and utilize them in the best way to achieve success.

Takeaway – Focusing on strengths and making them the reason for your success.

Serena Williams

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Just like the DiCaprio, Tony Robbins (affiliate) has also inspired the tennis sensation Serena Williams to enhance her performance on the court. Williams reveals that it was becoming difficult for her to up her game as she suffered different injuries.

Robbins helped her in developing persistence and trained her body to resist the pressure of the injury and ensure peak performance. He ignited the sportsperson in her and enabled her to shift her focus from her weakness/injuries to giving a strong performance despite adverse circumstances. She went on to win a Grand Slam and is undoubtedly, the leading female tennis player in the entire world.

Takeaway – Forgetting your weaknesses and not letting them become a hindrance to your success.

Roger Federer

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Federer started out as an aggressive player who was famous for slamming rackets on the court. Though he had potential, it was overshadowed because of his anger which didn’t let him perform to his true capabilities. It was his coach, Peter Carter, who realized that the best way to improve Federer’s performance is to bring a change in his personality.

Apart from training him for the sport, he also started working on his personality and helped him in consuming his aggression. Unfortunately, he died in a car crash and couldn’t live up to see the immense success which Roger enjoyed later. Still, Roger identifies him as the truest source of inspiration and the reason behind the change in his attitude and personality.

Takeaway – Changing yourself first to see the change around you.

Nia Long

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Long had been in the industry for more than 2 decades but wasn’t able to find the kind of roles she was looking for. This led her to extreme depression but with help of her life coach, she finally learned how to be happy irrespective of her situation.

She was able to understand that there will be ups and downs in the entertainment business and despite not being able to get as many movies as she might want, she is still a content person. She attributes this attitude of hers to her life coach who has helped her in seeking happiness and enjoying it to the core.

Takeaway – Stay content with whatever life bestows upon you.

Danny Bonaduce

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Starting his career as a child actor, Bonaduce starred in the famous television series, The Partridge Family. It was a comedy series which was based on musicians and Bonaduce received a lot of recognition for his role.

As he grew up, he faced a few setbacks in his acting career and ventured into radio. In order to regain his confidence in himself, he resorted to the help of a life coach. His transformation was so astounding that he himself turned into a life coach and now works to improve the lifestyles of other people.

Takeaway – Do not let setbacks and failures stop you from trying hard.

Britney Spears

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Spears says that it was her anonymous life coach who helped her in getting back on the right track in life. After going through multiple divorces and raising her children as a single mother, it became impossible for her to regain her self-esteem and confidence. It was with the help of a life coach that she developed faith in herself and strive towards a peaceful life. Now, she enjoys every moment of it.

Takeaway – Believing in yourself is more important than having others believe in you.

Richard Branson

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When Richard Branson expressed his desire of running an airline, no one took him seriously. It was his coach and mentor, Sir Freddie Laker, who helped him in achieving the goal and then living it to the fullest.

Branson was even unable to comprehend the challenges which he faced in his business. It was his coach who made him realize the problems and helped him in resolving them. It is wondrous how Laker helped and motivated him to form one of the most successful airlines in the world, Virgin Atlantic.

Takeaway – It is important to comprehend the problems and resolve them before you can steadily enjoy the path to success.

Chuck Liddell

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Liddell was undoubtedly a great fighter in the game and worked under the supervision of the best physical trainer. Despite being so tough physically, he knew that he needed someone who could help him work on his mental capabilities.

Tony Robbins was the one who helped this athlete as well to strategize his game and perform using both his mental and physical strengths to the best of his abilities.

Takeaway – Being physically strong is not enough to get going, you also need help in gaining mental strength to perform to the best of your abilities.

These life coaching examples help in realizing that sometimes people need external help in understanding and overcoming the adversities of life.