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Why The Millionaire Next Door Is Toxic To Your Marriage?

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In the United States, 6.9 people get married for every 1000 people in a year, whereas, 3.2 per 1000 people get divorced. There is no denying that this divorce rate is pretty high and individuals need to work out a solution so that there is a lesser number of broken families in the country.

The rise in the intensity of the women’s liberation movement, their increased participation in the labor force, and the altered perceptions of gender roles have put the responsibility of running a marriage equally on both the spouses. No longer does anyone expect from a woman to compromise her career or dreams to take care of her family and to nourish her married life.

The women of today are not gold diggers as they are fiercely independent themselves but they do look for someone who can make life exciting for them. No woman is obliged to stay with a man who is not only low on money but also doesn’t make her feel like special.

If you think that you haven’t been fair to your wife and didn’t employ enough efforts to save the marriage, here are a few things which you can do to make her believe that you can offer if not extravagant then at least a generous lifestyle to her.

Take Her Out on Dinners

Sitting down together to enjoy a hearty dinner is something you and your wife both will look forward to. Dining out is a lot different from the usual dinners where the wife feels more burdened with the cooking and cleaning stuff. At a restaurant, she enjoys her favorite food and being treated nicely by the servers. Apart from having some great food, you will also be able to enjoy each other’s company with a good chit chat, and not be a bad date everyday.

Plan a Vacation Annually

A study revealed that American millionaires spent $13,429 on leisure travel and planned to take six vacations in a year. On the contrary, an average American only saves money for his honeymoon and never really cares about taking his wife on a trip. While only 1 in 4 couples goes on their dream honeymoon, you must make an effort to fulfill this desire of your wife or partner at a later stage in life. It is never too late, so make sure that you take her to the place of her dreams.

Gift her a Jewelry Item on a Special Occasion

Forbes revealed that women control $20 trillion in the annual spending worldwide and one of their most favorite items to buy is jewelry. Around 49.2% of women would really love it when they are gifted with a jewelry item so make it your top priority whenever you are out shopping for her birthday or for your anniversary. The diamond prices have also jumped nearly a third since 2005 so you need to have some significant amount of money to afford this luxury for your better half. After jewelry, a wristwatch is another item which is absolutely loved by women.

Take Her on a Shopping Spree

A study of 2,000 shoppers took place in the UK in 2013 and it revealed that men get bored of shopping right within 26 minutes whereas females enjoy it up to 2 hours. This confirms the plight of men accompanying their spouses on a shopping trip especially when the money is going out of their pocket. But if someone wants to keep their wife happy and the relationship flourishing, it is essential that such activities should be carried out that please your better half.

Bringing Eccentric Look to the House

Despite being immensely progressive, a woman will always remain a homemaker at heart. She loves it when her house is clean, well-maintained, and equipped with all the latest amenities. A Gallup Poll revealed that 56% of women with children under 18 wanted to stay at home rather than going to work. Thus, they wanted to give their utmost time to their house and their children. What else can be a fantastic gift for a woman than to offer her something exciting for her house? You can buy her new furniture or completely change the look of the house through a renovation. Millionaires quite often make considerable changes to their house to get rid of boredom and to bring a fresh feel to the house. Trying the same with your wife is definitely worth trying.

These are the things which are done by the millionaires to please their beloved wives or partners but you don’t have to do them all. If you are struggling in your marital life, it is about time you give it another chance and start afresh. Indulge in one or some of above-mentioned activities and see for yourself how this change will positively affect your relationship and affirm your love for your wife. You will feel the spark and the energy come back to your marriage and thus, no outside source, be it a millionaire, will appear to be a threat.