How to Land Your First Job

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Right after college, every graduate’s dream is to land their first job as soon as possible. The world is hazy with ambitions and dreams of first car, promotion, bonus, salary and so on. Too bad, that’s not going to happen anytime soon. If you think that every company is eager to hire a college graduate with no experience then you need to think again.

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Think of Where to Work

Landing your first job after college is a meditated endeavor that you need to plan ahead of time, and perhaps even during college. Think of where you want to work and who you want to work for. Are you looking for an internship or a junior position; thinking of volunteering or offering per hour service? Do you want to gain experience or get a brand name on your resume? These are important aspects to consider when you think of a career ahead of graduation. Your professors and counselors will be a great help in this. Try them out and take their directions seriously. If you’re the shy type then Korin Grant’s You’re Hired is a great read for graduates preparing for their first job.

Apply for the Job

You can’t simply apply and expect a positive reply as soon as you send you application. There are certain steps involved, which we’ve outlined in the following infographic. From researching to polishing your resume, to listing the companies you plan to apply to. But aside from these steps, you also need to be active in your search as well as occupy your time in positive activities so that you do not have a gap in your resume. Spend a lot of time tweaking and giving your resume a personal for each application.


Prepare for Interviews

Once you start getting calls for interviews, there are even more things to do. Prepare answers to questions, references, and even your own self presentation. Prepping for how to look for the interview is as important as writing your resume and posting it. Make a dynamite impression with your dressing, grooming, behavior and intellect. Developing confidence and leadership skills even at this stage will really help you in the interview.

Make the Decision

And if you’re lucky to get a call from an employer within a few applications then think carefully before accepting the offer. Don’t let the first opportunity be the determining factor for the rest of your career life. Think where you want to be 5 years from now and fit the job offer in that career framework. If it doesn’t fit, don’t go for it.

And if after some time still you have not been offered anything then it’s time to go through your process again and see where you have missed a crucial step. Use the following infographic as a checklist, see whether you’re on the right track or not.

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How to Land Your First Job Infographic