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5 Lessons of Power of Positive Thinking from Norman Vincent Peale

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Books are one of the most interesting inventions in this world. Anyone would agree, right? So many authors take their brilliant ideas and put them onto pages for the world to partake. Their expressions and experiences are stowed away in a number of bound pages. I especially admire the authors of self-help books. Their writing is extremely inspiring and influential for billions of people around the world. They use their real life stories of hardship and of success after millions of failures as tools to help us cope with difficult times. Norman Peale’s Power of Positive Thinking is one such book. Every page of this book is full of inspiring and positive thoughts. Here are some lessons on power of positive thinking that stand out from the book:

“The trouble with most of us is we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.”

In this world of Instagram filters, we often forget that there is more to the truth than what meets the eye. It’s wise to dismiss all the glitters but it is also prudent to have second thoughts. So, the inspiring life lesson here is whenever someone offers us helpful criticism of our work, instead of talking down to them we could try and implement their ideas. It would help us in the long run. 

“Our happiness depends on the habit of mind we cultivate.”

In Power of Positive Thinking, Peale is asking us to condition our mind into turning the wrong into the right. To take the positive and see what good comes off of a bad turn. To keep our eyes trained on the silver lining, because there is always one. If we are able to do that, we enhance our ability to see better and greater opportunities. All that remains is to reach out and grab them.

“Believe in yourself!”

The basic essence of welcoming positive thoughts into your life is to first believe that you have the confidence to do the work you have ventured into. In The Power of Positive Thinking, the Peale asks us to have faith in our abilities. He also tells us that low self esteem is very toxic and does not help at all in the attainment of your dreams and goals. Peale says that we should believe that nothing can stop us in our ventures.

“Let nothing trouble you, let nothing worry you, everything passes you except God. God alone is sufficient.”

Praying acts like a shelter to you. It channels positive energy from God into you and you start feeling light as you slowly shed all your burdens. In The Power of Positive Thinking, Peale says that we must believe in the strength of God and that it will guide us towards our happiness and success in the end.

“Stand up to an obstacle. Just stand up to it, that’s all. Don’t give way under it, and it will finally break.”

The Power of Positive Thinking compels us to understand and realize our strength. It teaches us that if anything out there is fragile, it is not us but our obstacles and hurdles. We can learn to overcome and fight out hurdles and face our fears. Only then will we see success knocking at our door.

These are some of the hundreds of things Norman Peale talks about in his book. Though it was published in the early 1950’s, it is still one of the most popular self help books out there. So, it is time you grab a copy of Power of Positive Thinking and get started on this journey of healing, positivity and success. Learn to think positively by meditating. Calm your soul, give love to people in general, be kind and generous. There is much lessons in learning from spirituality. Be caring. Spread your positive thoughts to the world. We all are dealing with our own demons and anyone would love to hear a word or two of kindness. And once you have done all of this and the other things that Normal Peale asks of you in his brilliant book, you shall soon see everything fall into place and finally start achieving the dreams you have been striving for.