Secrets of Happiest Countries of the World Exposed

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Happiness is an illusion to most of us. Some spend their whole life trying to discover that ultimate high, to find it’s all a myth. What is this phenomenon that has the whole world striving for? Mahatma Gandhi says, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

If one goes by this edict, then one has to be a genius to bring that order in life, for life is anything but balanced. Yet despite this fact, nations of the world have managed to secure that, according to the World Happiness Report. Imagine, discovering the secret formula and find out why people fail at happiness, and succeed in rectifying it, for billions of people. That’s something! In the following infographic you’ll get the gist of their recipes but let’s take a moment to discover about what they have achieved and how these governments make their people happy.

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It’s true, there are many countries in the world which are struggling with diversity and multiculturalism while Australia and Canada are celebrating them. Their secret is not rocket science, it’s simple – to uphold and value cultures across the board; no one is less important in the eyes of the government and people. Equal rights in religious practice, ethnicity, and traditions make these countries a great place to root in.

Equality is the foundation of most democratic political settings but has any country achieved true democracy? Seems like Switzerland and the Netherlands have found what it takes to give freedom without losing its people’s confidence or compromising the government’s position.

We all know happiness is an individual thing, then how is it possible for the government to be the source of it? Norway and Iceland have discovered that when people are happy at home, they’re generally happy in other aspects too, so make they have a well-balanced home environment. Voila! a happy nation is born.

Do you know any other nation which has achieved such utter happiness?

Infographic World Happiest Countries

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