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The Secret Laws of Attraction of the 12 Zodiac Signs

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Allow the cosmos to lend you a hand in romance this year. Here are the secret laws of attraction of the signs, and reveal how to get the romantic attentions of the 12 zodiac signs.


Aries falls in love at the first glance. Of all the signs, they are the most vulnerable to beauty and their idea of romance is highly emotional and spontaneous, like the fire of their sign. Aries admires strength and independence. Often, they will seek a partner who can challenge them.  Your first impression is the key to impressing an Aries and being attentive and hinting at your interest is enough to allow the Aries to pursue you.


Taurus is ruled by Venus and this is obvious in their charming and highly sensual but sensitive nature. Taurus enjoys indulging in physical pleasures- from rich food and  fine wine to exhilarating and mutually gratifying sex. They are drawn to people who can stimulate all of their senses and they have no trouble voicing their preferences. All you need to do is sit back and listen. The flame of your empathy and gentleness will draw a Taurus to you like moth.


Gemini is the messenger sign- a social butterfly and always on the move. They require spontaneity in romance and constant mental stimulation from their partners to keep them from getting bored. Since Gemini are often cautious, this relationship might have a slow start but their natural curiosity will draw them to you. Being patient and kind as well as providing a Gemini with the calm and non-judgmental atmosphere they need will allow them to open themselves up to you bit by bit.


When Cancer falls in love with someone- it is forever. They are highly devoted partners and very domestic in nature. Their happiness lies in the love of their friends and family. The greatest wish of a Cancer is to be emotionally understood. They seek stability and protection in a partner. Above all else, what Cancer really wants is someone to build a home with.


Leo has a fierce, prideful and showy feline nature but when it comes to emotional affections they can take an unhurried and leisurely approach. They will want to know you truly and thoroughly. Leo is very proficient at detecting dishonesty or a flimsy nature. Leo will often seek highly accomplished, financially stable and outstanding partners and when they fall for someone, their love is passionate and often quite theatrical.


Virgo is highly critical of love so brew their affection on a slow-burn. They are sensible, modest and emotionally restrained. Virgos will be naturally attracted to partners who are devoted, loyal and can be relied upon. The way to a Virgo’s heart is by being an alert, observant and responsive lover. While it might not be an instantaneous connection or burning passion, the love of a Virgo is focused and sincere and often best observed in the gentle rhythms of everyday life.


Libras are born under Venus and enjoy romance and emotional intimacy. They are drawn to bright, artistic and intellectual people though they will often have a idealistic view of love and might be disappointed by the realities of relationships in everyday life at first. Libra is put off by aggressive approaches so consider taking a more reserved and sophisticated form of courtship.


Scorpio is ruled by both Mars and Pluto which makes them very alluring romantic and sexual prospects. There is always a hint of darkness and danger to them that makes them irresistible. Scorpios are sexually compatible with almost of the signs however the love life of a Scorpio is often fraught with emotional turbulence. The key to the heart of a Scorpio is complete emotional transparency. A Scorpio values trust and loyalty in a partner above all else.


Sagittarius is a restless wanderer. Everyday is a new adventure for them and they consider love to be a journey where the destination does not matter so much as the landscape and the company. Sagittarius will find friends wherever they go and in a romantic partner, they tend to look for someone who will reflect their cheerful nature, happy disposition and good humor. They are free spirits and unlikely to settle into conventional form of relationships and marriages.


Capricorn is an ardent social climber and they will often approach love and sex like they would a business meet. They will often be initiators, unafraid to pursue sexual prospects though they are more cautious with their hearts. They admire intellect, strength and success as well as emotional maturity. They will make you strive for their affections but once you have proved your worth to a Capricorn, they will reward you with unwavering loyalty and devotion.  


Aquarius is a non-conformist and a rebel and they admire a similar streak of unbounded liberty in the people around them. They are drawn to free spirited, spontaneous and open-minded people. Aquarius is unconcerned with societal norms and rarely wants to settle down. They will prefer to go with the flow in any relationship- without labels or declarations of fidelity. Their choice of a romantic partner can often be surprising.


Pisces is an artist at heart and they will approach sex and love like a sculpting a piece of fine art. They are naturally tactile and affectionate with all people and perfectly at home in nature. Material things do not impress Pisces. Instead approach them with gifts of sentimental value and an open heart. Appeal to their idealistic notions of love and charm them with poetry, literature and music.

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