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10 Tried and Tested Tips for a Motivated Sales Team

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There are instances when a number of opportunities are about you but you need to find the right kind of insight to grab them. The same might happen to sales teams and their leaders when they are caught in the paradox of wanting to perform really well but are unable to do so. Sometimes, a small push is all that is required to realize the possibilities we ignore.

There is no denying the fact that motivated sales teams enjoy their work more and tend to bring about productive results. There are numerous practical steps which can be taken by the HR department to ensure that their sales team is driven enough to perform to the best of their abilities. As Babe Ruth says, “You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.”

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You need to make sure that your team is motivated enough not to give up the tasks assigned to them at any cost. Here are the top 10 motivational tips by some of the most successful entrepreneurs to boost your sales team and reap desirable results:

1. Encourage Them with Their Moves

If the team or any of its members comes up with a different sales tactic, never fail to encourage him if you see the potential in his idea. According to Scott M. Bloom who is the chairperson of Bloom Real Estate Group LLC, “The least effective attempt is the one you don’t make.” You are sure to miss the shot which you didn’t take. Therefore, it becomes impertinent to step out and take the risk because it is one of these attempts that can make your business great.

2. Give Them an Incentive

“Nothing is more impactful and motivational than an incentive,” says Sagar Kogekar from An incentive serves as a token of appreciation for an outstanding performance by the employee and makes him work harder the next time. At the end of every month, Kogekar organizes an ‘employee appreciation day’ where all the hardworking employees are recognized because of their amazing efforts. Highlighting and appreciating even the smallest efforts can boost the team members morale and help them achieve bigger goals for the company. The incentives can both be monetary or non-monetary; in certain cases, even heartfelt verbal words can do wonders.

3. Set Goals for Them

Rahul Alim of Custom Creatives says to his team, “Let numbers do the talking.” He sets goals for his team members on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. While doing so, he keeps himself and his employees updated on how close or far they are from each and every goal. Lagging behind means greater push whereas achieving all the goals on time means some celebrations for the employees.

4. Believe In What They Are Selling

Dimitri Zakharov of Impact Enterprises believe in the edict that“Sell a product or a service that you believe in.” This is one tip which will bring everlasting motivation in the sales team members because if they do not have confidence in the thing they are selling, there is no chance that the customers will have any either.

5. Provide a Friendly yet Competitive Atmosphere

You need to ensure that the team members stay competitive because that will drive their performance. But the competition should not be negative because then it will destroy the healthy environment of the workplace. Incorporate some fun elements or activities in the accountability process and recognition of efforts so that the sales team are eager to perform. “Make accountability fun!” says Joe Curtis from Unishippers.

For example at Launch Logistics, a bell is rung every time any of the sales reps meets the major three goals in the sales process: once for an appointment, twice for the set-up, and three times for the customer activation. Every time the bell rings, an atmosphere of excitement is built and keep the team motivated to be recognized.

6. Tell Them to Be Patient

It’s expected a single team member can never give achieve the same astounding performance every time. There will be time when they have to “lose”, and that’s when it’s important to tell your team member not to be demotivated by failure and strive back with more zeal. Every failure should be a learning experience for them and they must wait patiently for all the right opportunities. As AJ Saleem from Suprex Private Tutoring says, “Emphasize patience.”

7. Focus on the Buyer’s Agenda

Bob Bailey from Truth Collective aptly puts it like this, “If you want to be interesting, then be interested.” Remind your team that it is the buyer who is most important and not the seller. Any person who is pursuing a career in sales should understand that in order to establish his rapport with the buyer, he need to ask a few open-ended questions to know him better. Do not point out what your product or service can do for them? Instead, you need to convince them that their needs will be satisfied because of it.

8. Provide Them the Correct Tools

The world is changing significantly with the passage of time and with the changing trends, new and improved tools and mechanisms are being introduced in every industry. Mike Sher from Frontline Selling recommends to “Invest in the right tools.” Sales and marketing are no exceptions to all this. Provide your employees with all the latest technology and equipment they need and also train them to use it in the most appropriate and productive manner.

9. Use past Successes for Better Future Performances

If an employee or a number of employees have been performing good in the past then use those performances to motivate them to work for the better future of the company. “Don’t limit your future by celebrating yesterday’s profits,” says Paul Potratz from Potratz. You need to make sure that they don’t just keep living in the past instead, they must make those accomplishments a basis for achieving more.

10. Make It Past Monetary Benefits

Tibor Shanto of The Pipeline, says, “For successful sales people, it is not about money. He is right in every way because if you give the sales team the motive to earn profits only, their motivation to do something best for the company or to provide great service to the buyer will eventually fade away. It is important to make them realize and understand that there are more important things which can result from their sales than just making money and these include betterment of the society, the progress of the company, and achievement of both individual and team goals.

So there you have it, the secrets behind successful companies and their happy and motivated sales team.  Around 80 percent of sales require five follow-ups which make it essential to keep the sales team motivated so that they have enough energy and enthusiasm to perform to the best of their capabilities. Believe in them and make them feel appreciated at all times. Always encourage them to perform better if you want to see a loyal clientele and progressiveness for the company.