13 Simple Motivation Tips to Help You Achieve More Each Day

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The everyday drudge of cosmopolitan life brings down even the fittest and most energetic of individuals. It’s difficult to believe in the pedantic chants of “work hard, play harder” when there are thousands of stressors in our lives to bog us down. In such instances, you need morale so you can bounce up and tackle life with the same gung-ho attitude as before, if not more. You could go to a friend, and absorb their positive energy or you could do it yourself. If you are opting for the latter then the following motivation tips will come in handy in helping you achieve more each day.

The key to being successful in this is to be consistent in your determination. Whether you want to plan out in the night before or first thing in the morning, make sure you do it every day without fail. For this you will have to dedicate a few minutes of “me time” to think things over, arrange for productivity tools and resources to master the art motivation, if necessary, and be prepared to achieve more rather than 100 percent of the time.

1. Establish goals

Nothing is more confusing in life than to wander aimlessly without a vision or goal in mind. Even more important is the fact that remaining so will be a drain on your energy level, and drag you down. So the first task is to identify your goals that you want to achieve at the end of the day, month, year, life etc. The idea is to go from good to fantastic. Having a direction will help you plan ahead.

2. Plan out

The most important aspect of any successful venture is the goal, and the plan to achieve it, so why not in life? Start small by planning out your day, then work towards planning for a month, six month, a year and so on. The master plan maybe to live a comfortable life when you get old but how will you achieve those comforts? Start planning for them by channeling the tasks into your everyday life.

3. Adopt a habit

Habits make us go through the motion each day, getting chores done, and tasks completed. Instead of adopting habits which are boring, time-wasting, and energy-draining, make them interesting so that you look forward to them. So think over – which of your habits make you excited, what makes you energetic, and adopt them. A word of caution though here: never let moods ruin your positive habits.

4. Find inspiration

Living creatures tend to replicate whether it be its own species, habits or characteristics. A good place to start to find inspiration is in observing how others have achieved their goals, and remain motivated. Start within your circle, if you have friends and colleagues who exude positive attitudes, follow them. Look at your peers and leaders, how they are achieving their objectives in life, try to find a way to replicate their activities. And if all else fail, Google and find out inspirational leaders to study their habits to follow.

5. Mind over body

The body is a funny thing. It listens to what your mind tells it despite all the physical challenges. Prep up your mind so that the only message that your body hears is the ability to do more than the usual. If waking up at 5 AM for a jog is a drudge, prepare your mind to get excited over the thought of breathing fresh air, bouncy energy fill up your body etc. If 5 PM is an energy drain then tune your mind to something that you look forward to at the end of the day, like a movie to relax with your loved ones.

6. Build excitement

Remember the butterflies in your tummy on the first day of college? Recall the moment you joined your work for the first time? The excitement of new beginnings is really sweet, and keeps you going until you get over it. Build excitement into whatever activity you do, and you’ll see how enthusiasm will help you achieve small and big tasks without dreading them. For example bring a friend along to catch up on old times when you go for a car wash!

7. Be positive

The ability to remain positive depends on several factors. Your inspired state of mind, physical energy level, and the ability to challenge oneself on and on. In the latter case, it’s useful to have people who ooze positivity. Hang out with friends who boost your confidence, and stay away from those who drain your energy.

8. Time is money

While this old adage is common enough, its interpretation vary from person to person. For a workaholic, time may be spent in earning more money, while for a health conscious person, it would be spent on getting healthy instead of giving money to the doctor. So set your priorities, and analyze where you want to spend your time.

9. Get the tools

Having said that, acknowledge that time is precious, and therefore dedicate it in doing something you really enjoy. I’m a great believer in productivity tools. They help you save time as well as allow you to achieve things more easily. Find the one that co-relate with your lifestyle, and invest in them. You’ll be surprised how many more things you can do with simple use of tools.

10. Physical activity

Living in a sedentary society where everything is available online or being delivered at your doorstep, most people are not motivated to go outdoors even for a walk (unless you have a dog). But you know what? Physical activity can pump up your blood like no other. I’ve found that physical activities like exercise, dance, gym, jogging or even a walk in the park, can really charge you up for the day, and help you achieve herculean and dull routine tasks easily.

11. Commit yourself

In the end, nothing will happen if you don’t commit yourself to do what you set out to do, and the most aggravating part is nobody can make you do it. It all depends on how much you want that thing which you want most in life, and how committed you are to achieving it.

12. Nothing is perfect

Despite all the above, know that nothing in life is perfect, and the way you plan it. There are bound to be detours, breakdowns, and hiccups. Despite setbacks, learn to enjoy those awkward moments. The aim is to stumble, fall, get up and continue on the path you’ve set yourself on. So if you haven’t attended the most important meeting for the sales pitch today, it’s not the end of the world. Apologize, and reschedule, but don’t skip it.

13. Inspiring quotes

To be honest, my day starts and ends with motivational quotes. They inspire me to do more because I realize others have done so much more. Find the ones that inspire you, and make them visible in your life; getting some quotations framed for your office desk, like a Facebook page which regularly post motivational quotes, or subscribe to newsletter to get them delivered into your inbox directly. I would suggest stick to the quotes from people you admire, and the impact will be more powerful.

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