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Learning to Love Yourself When You’re Depressed

The National Institute of Mental Health says that people with depression are four times more likely to suffer from a stroke than those who have a clear history of depression. All these statistics reveal...

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The Best TED Talks to Inspire Everyday Leaders

There are certain times in life when you really need a push to move forward irrespective of the fact you are a student, employee, or an entrepreneur. Caught up in life’s different dilemmas, one...

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100 Love Affirmations Every Wife Wants to Hear

Husbands are unaware of the impact of the genuine words of affirmation on their wives. They aren’t so expressive about their feelings and this leads to their better half feeling low. Recognizing your wife’s...

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6 Strange Facts About Inspirational Leaders

Do you know what makes leadership effective and powerful? Apart from everything else, one key component is having an inspiration. It is no surprise that inspiration tends to bring better employee motivation, performance, commitment,...

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17 Spiritual Books to Make Your Soul Whole Again

When your soul is in trouble or if you are confused in understanding the true meaning of life, it’s time your spiritual side that needs attention from you. Apprehensions and concerns regarding life cannot be...

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13 Reasons Why You Have an Unhappy Teen

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, which, upon clicking, may not affect your user experience but may result in monetary benefit to Motivation Matter.  Teen years are full of intense feelings and edgy emotions...

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