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Inspirational Stories of Top 7 Women Leaders of the World

History has always treated women unfairly and has conveniently excluded them. While patriarchy still haunts our society, we still have women who have contributed more to this world than one could ever imagine. Time...

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10 TED Talks to Stimulate You Out of Depression

The World Health Organization reports that depression is the foremost cause of a lot of diseases and disabilities. The stigmas surrounding mental health have kept a lot of people from talking about them and...

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How to Talk to Anyone for an Introvert

According to various estimates, it has been confirmed that almost 25 to 50 percent people in the entire population are introverts. This means that they prefer listening over speaking, think before acting on something,...

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How To Return To Love After A Bitter Divorce

It was during the 1980s when the rate of divorce was as high as 40% in the United States but has been declining ever since. As per National Survey of Family Growth, the probability...

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Top 20 Motivational Instagram Accounts To Follow In 2018

With more than 800 million overall users, around 40 billion photos have already been posted on Instagram. Typically, Instagram is used for marketing purposes but the following accounts will help you in staying motivated...

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